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These days, almost every transaction is done online for speed and convenience. However, the World Wide Web has grown into a dark place that’s used by hackers and other cybercriminals as hideouts. But Avast values the privacy and safety of its clientele as they go online. That’s why the leading security software company developed a single solution that satisfies all of your online security needs.

Avast Internet Security Product Highlights:

  • Cloud-based security software that offers real-time protection as you connect online.
  • Comes with a digital sandbox where you can test files before you open them so nothing infects your PC.
  • Uses state-of-the-art AI technology to learn new threats and come up with ways on how to destroy them.
  • Features 4 automatic scans and 5 PC shields.
  • Protects your passwords and network while you go browsing online.
  • Trusted by millions of users worldwide.
  • Supports Windows PC.
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Disclaimer: This is a digital product. Any physical components like  CD/DVDs, USB, and boxes are not included in this purchase.

If you’re looking for a security suite that won’t let you down and stays on guard 24/7, then Avast Internet Security is the software you should buy. This security software boasts advanced features that include solid malware protection and a firewall that’s tough on intruders. In addition, throughout the years, Avast has been a recognized antivirus brand to protect users with high accuracy.

So if you want to stay safe from hackers, malware, viruses, and other types of online threats, then get your devices the latest versions of Avast Internet Security today! Get them at the best deals only at Softvire US!

Avast Internet Security Features:

Stay Safe Online 24/7

You no longer have to worry about cyber criminals lurking on the internet. With the deeper privacy protection offered by Avast, you can shop and go social all you want, anytime, and anywhere without the risk of exposing your sensitive details.

Hostage-Free without Any Efforts

Hackers have grown wiser throughout the years, but so did Avast. The premier internet security brand made sure that no ransomware can infiltrate. It automatically puts all your files in a safe place so hackers won’t be able to get their hands on photos and documents that they can use to blackmail you.

Advanced Encryption

Avast Internet Security uses the most advanced data encryption technology so that even if you are lured to a fake website, your usernames and passwords won’t be revealed to cybercriminals.

More Accurate Spam Scanner

Phishing emails are still on the rise, and they are now looking like legit notices. Avast Internet Security won’t let you fall into this trap by scanning through every email you receive and not just the usual spam mails.

Firewall More Powerful than Ever

Identity theft often happens on unprotected computers. They access your files to gather basic information and photos that can are used in different cybercrimes.  Avast Internet Security has now improved its firewall to a stronger gatekeeper. It double locks your files to prevent hackers from using your identity to commit fraud and money crimes.

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10 reviews for Avast Internet Security

  1. Aiden Perry

    Best PC protection for online gaming! This is the best! As a gamer, this antivirus is very useful for me. It has an automatic game mode, top performance without cutting into crucial computer resources, and impressive protection.

  2. Neil Weber

    The best recommendation I can give about Avast is that it can keep your device totally clean of all kinds of viruses, both malware, and malicious websites, leaving you entirely favored with the service that Avast offers you, including the offer for more than 1 year to grant you a license completely free and the price is the best, try it, I know you would like it, I highly recommend it

  3. Robin Peters

    So far, there’s nothing I don’t like about the product that’s really easy to use. I would say that the product is continually updated and modified to suit the computer system’s needs.

  4. Ariane Fuller

    I love Avast because it keeps the virus out and alerts me of any risks. The downside is that it can be frustrating on older or low-grade computers, thus slowing it down, but it doesn’t have any problems on a fast computer.

  5. Killian Sadler

    Avast has been excellent. I haven’t had any issues since I started using it. My laptop has always been wired to the internet. I prefer Avast. My screen has remained clean thanks to Avast. The cost is very reasonable.

  6. Kelsey Valencia

    Avast recommended by my friend. It works on my computer. I did research. It seems fine to use. Had no issues at this time.

  7. Armaan Sargent

    I like being able to thoroughly assess a computer. The firewall is great for preventing hackers from accessing our device, as is the WI-FI inspector, which will assist us in locating and protecting ourselves from any Wi-Fi network. The intelligent analysis is quick. Installation is simple and quick—efficient, light, and reliable.

  8. Luca Sampson

    I enjoy how simple it is to use, how many useful tools it has, how papers can be updated, how electronic signatures can be added, how pictures can be cut, how documents can be added and separated, and how each tool is simple to use. They also make your everyday tasks simpler. I believe that each update is significantly better than the previous one since it adapts to the current requirements of office work and school.

  9. Bruno Drake

    Avast has long been a well-known antivirus software. It offers excellent virus protection as well as several capabilities not often seen in free applications. Many individuals value the password manager or Wi-Fi network scanner. If you want additional protection from online dangers, Avast Antivirus is worth a look.

  10. Rachel Martin

    Excellent program! It also comes with a money-saving app that displays lower-priced items and discounts. My computer has been infected with many viruses and trojan horses as a result of this program! The pricing is reasonable since it is free, but you can purchase the complete software for an annual cost. They are constantly up to current on virus definitions, and simple instructions are provided throughout the system!

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